Amal e mohabbat in hindi

Amal and Mohabbat Hindi
As we know Mohabbat means love or love English means life, because life depends on love and know that love is the term by which we understand and good behavior of people, because love means affection and attraction is the attraction means thinking positively or nature of people and the affection means thinking negative or the nature of the people if it related to child and whether the child is related to the love created from the word trust or truth and if confidence is to make or by couples or lovers or partners then there is no creation of tension or misunderstanding and misbehavior between boyfriend and girlfriend every time in any place and at any time for any reason, but when the hopeless or lack of trust between couples or partners, ie, the bride and groom then there is creation of tension that is in the form of lack of honest, lack of friendly relationship, not the creation of the activity nonsense between them, is not creating more trust between them, not create more of elegance among them.
So for this reason or cause if we really ended or actually this activity is creating for couples or partners, ie, bride and groom or husband and wife.
So for this we have done or left out to keep the Amal is provided by the Holy Quran that is. Sky book is written by Allah or God and the Amal it is the first of all perons have to pray or Amal Namaz five times a day or every day perday or leaving Fazar, Zohar, Asar, Maghrib Isah and if people or group of people attending Namaz very regularly pray or road or at the time that people quickly or hurry to go to the mosque to attend the Azan Namaz is then terminated, and after finishing Namaz Dua then finish my wing oo frustrated tension between boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife also dua to Allah to pure love is achieved or the partner or partners.

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