Best wazifa for husabnd

As we know that the husband comes from the relationship or relationship between the two families, ie, in the form of Rista in Urdu and the relationship to be established between the husband and wife permanently shape or form by form or shape Nikah and we know Nikah is the form or condition whereby there creating rista or relationship between the boy to husband and child to woman and also told us that when the bride makes women and Groom husband, then we say that the marriage of two couples or partners.
Marriage is of two types in which the first is marriage love and the second is to organize the marriage, but it’s no big difference between love and marriage arranged marriage is that marriage love is from the themselves or by the child and the same girl, the implementation of school or university as a child and a girl studying at the university and is not the creation of love between them and for this reason both are strong in view of love and both want to marry or marriage for each other, but in marriage love is not the creation of family problems between the two, while arranging the marriage of this kind of problem is not created about marriage arrangements because it agrees not angry members of both partners or family members.
So when the marriage is over between couples or partners then it is not creating disputes between couples that is mailnly created by either spouse both assume that the husband’s behavior does not believe the woman, as it is created from the lack of understanding regarding husband’s wife. Whenever there is the creation of disputes and even fight then husband to wife for any little error wife.
So for the good behavior of the husband, the wife should want the best Wazifa control our spouse and to create a good behavior of the husband in me, that is wife.
The Wazifa are as follows
As Sabur 3000 times and run out and after this wife Wazifa should read or recite the Darood and Pak only once.

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