dua and amal love marriage in islam

As we know that animal is dependent on the basis of trust in God at first, in any condition if the condition is high that is good and if the condition is low, that is evil, which means that by Amal is the term used for the assessment of the Allah or God, the findings are in the form of five theorem or basic or fundamental logic in which the first is Kalma Namaz, Roza ZAKAT AND MAKE, all these are very important to accept Islam or the contribution or participate in Muslim or Muslim members, and we can say that these five things are the amal for God or God, we establish comprehensive marriages between boys and girls

In the form of Nikah as Nikah is the basis or the fundamental right of marriage as the religion of Islam in Muslim or Muslim or family members, Nikah creates intimate relationship between husband and wife or SOHAR and Bibi, through Nikah is not creating liability or responsibility to the people who make the husband of the woman in Islam Nikah or marriage is the way to improve a person for bad or harmful habit is created from the person disciplined form or fashion through which have the willpower or body able to do all sorts of things such as responsible husband and wife.

If they have children and the wife is responsible husband and son, both are interrelated in any problem, but to do or husband and wife positive thinking at first and if reached positive in nature, then they are the result of benefits or always, at any time and we know that this benefit or happiness life comes from the five basic things that are dictated above and if Amal these things forever, then we are not in loss or damage to any time, anywhere, and his life is successful if you follow the discipline, but if they attend Namaz five times a day or think the very positive nature and by which the happiness and satisfaction in life processes was obtained.

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