dua and wazifa in urdu

Beneficient all that God and heaven and the earth or in the world that exists on the planet is for everyone mereciful. It is irrelevant whether livingthings and start anything – we first read Bismillah Rahman Rahim NIR surprising creatures, Aayat the Koran or the Bible or sacred book which is very important Aayat Sky book, or to mix with prayer for Surah Yasin Wazifa, Istikhara, chapter or combination of Surah, and the Kal Ayataina of Al Kawthar Inna example, as a combination or mixture of Aayat know that No. 1 Aayat and Aayat in Fasale example was the rabeka ask the question arises now, is the No. 2 verse each, and some types of problems, and we might have won Urdu sense or meaning is Wazifais the name of Allah as follows and the second example is Wazifa
• Subhan Allah
• By Allah Hoo Akbar

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