Dua for girlfriend

As we know that there are different stages of life in accordance with the age limit or limitation and we know that the father of English is Shakes Peare and he said or says that there are seven stages of human beings if it is related to the girl and if it relates with child where the child is the first step, the second child of the school, the third stage is the lover, etc., and these steps are combined or mixed processes of life if it relates to life positively or condition and whether it is related to the negative point of view, this is dependent on the human and depend mainly on the reflection or the nature of people or human if it relates to men and women and boys and girls and girls friend and boyfriend and husband and wife etc,
I suppose that we start from the Aleya of this, ie, the cousin or when anything or any job when you start or from then read this Aleya at first, ie BISMILLAH HIR RAHMAN NIR RAHIM the meaning of this ayah start or origin of the name of God who is the Merciful Benefactor and by all things that are present in the world or between the sky and the surface of the earth or the planet Earth and we know that there are nine planets in the Earth is the only planet on which we or human beings, animals, birds, etc live or exist and can do any things as, for example, sleeping, walking, eating, etc.
The Dua for Girl friend is as follows
Raban Duniya HAVE A ATAIN FID NAT AO WA WA IDF AKHERATA HASNA TAO CHINA CHINA AJABAN NAR WA WA AJABAN KABR KIN A AJABAN HasR, Laha LAHE ILLA ANTA Subhaanaka INNI Kuntu MINAZ ZALEMIN. if they dua as compliance with the application and read later and read befor this dua PAK IE Darood Darood E SHARIF for assessing Mohammad who is called the messengers or Urdu Nabi.

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