Dua for second marriage

As we know that in Islam anyone can marry four girls if you have enough money or have a power, the second marriage is not important for men and women as well, because the second marriage creates harmful effects than the first and marriage, or people trying to not try or do more than the first marriage, as we know that there are two types of families in every religion or caste in which the first is the joint family and the second or the other is the family nuclear, in the family of the nuclear family is much better than the extended family in all cases or cases or different now, but remarriage is possible if people have a lot of money or have wealthy family, then that person or child second marriage should be done or attempted marriage.
So the second marriage also cause or regions are not contradictory between husband and wife at any time, at any price, in any form, so remarriage is possible when we liked or encourage Allah or God in positive or politely manner or condition, we have to attend or perform Namaz five times a day and after making or completed Namaz have to read Wazifa say Subhan Allah, Alhamdulilla, Allah akbar hoo and Lahe laha ilalla if the honesty of this Wazifa only 100 times in Subhan Allah 33 times, 33 times Alhamdulila, hoo Allah akbar 33 times and only 1 times Lahe laha Ilala as politely or conditional, then we need to achieve our goal or ambition we have in life, second Wazifa also undertake or continue after Wazu 100 times read or study the Al latifu and before reading Wazifa Al latifu read at first Darood and Pak after Wazifa Al latifu read Darood and Pak ie full name Darood Sarif or sareef used or used for wasallam Prophet Mohammad appreciated by Hazur lalha Alahe Sal, which is the messenger of every human being who is present in the world.

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