Dua or amal to get husband love

As we know that is very important Animal formula ISLAMIC love for her husband but at first we have to attend or follow the rules of Allah or God, ie at first we all have to trust in God or Allah, who is the supreme all, who’s the best of all, which is very powerful for all that is powerful for all, not seen or not seen at all, because we know that God is the creator, operator and destructor all things that are present or exist in heaven or on earth or the planet Earth or in other words we also said that world is there between earth and heaven, and these world, heaven and earth formed or built by the supreme power of God or.

The wing, so for this we have to encourage or assist in Allah or God who made all things if it relates to living beings, or owned by non – living things, the appreciation in the form of AMAL and we know Amal is the combination of the five rules and basic or fundamental regulations is provided by God in the Holy Quran or KALM PAK of Islam or Muslim family or religion of the Muslims, the Istikhara, Wazifa, DUA, Surat O SURAH, all these are also shows or indicates Amal, suppose we give examples or illustration it is that if we read or study or sura sura YASIN which is the heart of the Qur’an and the 40 days if we read the positive effects ie, for husband without missing one day.

we completed we 40 days this sura or sura or said that AMAL then through this woman AMAL get the love of husband very top or very comprehensive way because this AMAL or sura YASIN deduct the problems of husband and wife in a very positive way and we know that when we got positive, then we merit in the person’s understanding and behavior as husband and wife no creation of misunderstanding and misconduct among them anytime soon they got successful and satisfying and automatically got happiness in life processes and phenomena.

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