Dua to make him love you

How do we know that people want to love or a person hungry for acquir or get the love is there, if one person loves the other, it is also loved by those people who love to eat there, if there is the creation of an equivalent of love of both parties to each other, both happiness as a lover also got happiness on the power of love and love is created from different types of formula that gives love astrology or astrologer, or Love Guru, who are Muslim or Islamic, and we know that Islam is based on the basis of the theorem of five or scheme, that .e. are
2. Prayer
4. Zakat
5. HAZ
If we implement, or if we are perfectly practical for five theorems that the above mentioned point or a line or a word, we have to succeed in any type of difficult or impossible to problems that can not be solved easily and in a simple manner, that is there in all five main the concept of Islam pillars of NAMA Z is a very important and very necessary pillar of all, because it creates all four pillars as the prayer to give the best solution to all problems in a simple way, but prayer, we must accept Islam, a pillar KALMA IE lahelaha bad Lalla Mohammad Major Rasul Allah sense there wa ke sewah koi mabood nahi Aur Mohammad Allah ke Rasul Hi, if we accept this statement, we have come to the perfect or all the way in Islam or the Muslim religion, so after that KALMA we attend prayers five times a day and every day there Fazr, Zohr, Asar, Maghrib and Isha, if we visit the five times prayer or prayer well, we got all the things that we want to get, for example, if we love someone reach our lover completely way or in a very positive way, because prayer creates positive thinking all those who attend prayers heart or heart creates love so we got a love who you want or how or who is favorite for you the path of love

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