wazifa to control someone

Wazifa control someone
Control word comes from the word of Vahikaran and we know that Vashikaran comes from the word mantra, which means to perform the power of the body, and is also said to be an Islamic perspective Istikhara, tantra, which means mind power, and is also said to be Islamic view Wazif and it is very easy and simple Islamic instruments or formula through which we take or do some things, but in a positive way, and we know that the positive creates for the people in the form of benefits are not flaws, but the latter is Yantra, which means that the tool or tools, or in other words, the ego of power and ego power is controlled by the Islamist, the use of this Ayat e auzubillah Minas Satan Nir Rahim, ego, power as well as anger and anger comes from displaces wisdomness from the brain or mind, so it is subtracted from this Aayat are above the line “is mentioned.
Suppose that we control or conquer evil or disadvantages individuals, for example, if the tension between husband and wife, which means there if my husband shows or creates bad habitual or habit, and we know that the habit of showing familiar and husband shows or creates a lot or different things that are harmful or disadvantages for us, that follows
• Take a drink of whiskey or a bear, or a day, the result is negative at that wife beating wife and violence in marriage.
• Take the time to spend to spend the day.
• Take undiscipline behavior with other persons or people.
• Take nounsense behavior at every time in my life with my wife,
Of the above statements or evil wife wants to control bad behavior of her husband through the technique Vashikaran or formula, and we know that Vashikaran comes from the Koran that is the holy book of Islam in the Muslim religion, because the book is the Koran is the book, which is made of Allah, or or written a book called heaven in this book there are many Aayat used from time to time various Aayat used for a variety of work, resulting in a positive way through the study Aayat wife controls husband in one way or completely in a perfect way or condition.

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